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Step-by-Step Guide for an Overall Bathroom Cleanse!

A dirty, unsanitary bathroom is perhaps, one of the most disgusting things to have in your home. We all dread using one, let alone cleaning one! Nevertheless, regardless of what condition your bathroom is in, it needs to be cleaned in a timely manner for better hygiene and complete cleanliness!

So, we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to clean your entire bathroom and make it shine again! It may take a little time and effort, but we promise it’ll be worth it. Read on!

Step One:

Before you do anything else, pour a good amount of toilet cleaner inside the bowl, as well as around the exteriors. Leave out the seat and lid as they can be cleaned later with an all-purpose cleaner. Now it’s on to the next part.

Step Two:

Grab a garbage bag and throw away empty bottles, tubes, old toothbrushes, etc. Basically anything classified as rubbish should be thrown out. Check the medicine cabinet for expired products or meds and throw those away too.

Step Three:

Take all the items placed on shelves, the sink top and window sill and keep them outside the bathroom. Start off by cleaning bathroom surfaces such as the window sill, granite counter, shelves, etc. Next, do the sink, bathtub and bathroom fixtures. We use all-purpose cleaner and a mildly abrasive scrubber to clean these areas as they work fantastically well together to remove stains and hardened dirt.

Step Four:

Now that your toilet cleaner has had enough time to sit, cleaning will require less effort and yield better results! Put of some rubber gloves on, grab your toilet brush and start cleaning the bowl’s interiors thoroughly. You shouldn’t have a problem doing this if your brush is in good shape. Next, take a separate brush or scrubber and clean the exteriors. As mentioned earlier, all-purpose cleaner can be used to clean the toilet seat and lid, as well as the flush tank. Here’s a tip; rinse out your scrubbers/brushes at intervals when cleaning your bathroom.

Step Five:

Now, the only thing left to clean is the floor. You can use your chosen bathroom floor cleaner for this but here’s a helpful tip; sprinkle baking soda around the floor before using the cleaner as they work together to clean tiles and tile grout more effectively. It’s also important to use a hard-bristled floor brush to really clean between tiles and get them grout and grime-free. Once you’ve finished scrubbing the floor, rinse away the cleaner thoroughly and squeegee the water into the drain.

Step Six:

This step is optional but definitely worth it! Dip a clean, absorbent cloth into a solution of equal parts white vinegar and lemon oil; wipe your sink, tub and bathroom fixture with this and obverse the instant shine! You can also use this solution to buff your floors and the results are amazing!

Bathrooms get dirty rather quickly because they are used frequently (and many times while the floor is wet). What’s worse is if the kids have spent a day at Cooper’s Beach or Caumsett State Park and brought home sand, mud and dirt with them; the bathroom could end up pretty soiled after they’ve cleaned off! We understand that many homeowners do not have time to invest in household cleaning but we cannot stress enough on the importance of it. Maintaining a sanitary home will ensure that you and your family are living in a healthy environment. If you need a professional and reliable home cleaning service, Long Island Maids are your best bet for quality cleaning at attractive rates!