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How to Feng Shui Your Home

Creating a feng shui home is achievable by simply moving few things around.

What is feng shui?

According to the ancient Chinese art, feng shui works on the theory that your living space should reflect your life.

All objects that are part of life possess some forms of energy called “Chi” and you can actually use this energy to attract luck, wealth and other opportunities into your home.

With the practice of feng shui, there is no need to spend your entire life sitting on the couch or on a therapy place, trying to change your life for the better.

Rather you will need to move your couch and re-arrange your interior to achieve all the benefits of feng shui.

Here are some feng shui rules, tips, and ideas you must consider:

Feng Shui Home

#1: Get the front door opened

According to a feng shui consultant, energy normally flows through the front door, hence opening the front door will create pathways that will invite positive energy to flow into your room.

If you want more opportunities knocking on your door, simply place a red flowering plant or any of the red accent feng shui colors on or somewhere around your front door.

In the world of feng shui, red will always attract fortune, luck, and energy.

Feng Shui Front Door

#2: Remove all the clutter

If you want to create a feng shui living room or living room, then you must be prepared to clear all clutters. Clutters are believed to suck all the energy within a space.

If you think you are hiding your clutter, it will be a surprise for you to know that you wouldn’t have much positive energy flowing around you with such energy-suckers.

Make sure you clear clutter everywhere in your home if you want that desirable feng shui effect.

#3: Seek some balance

To create the feng shui balance, you need feng shui plants and aside from that, you need the five feng shui elements- Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and water.

The main goal of having these elements in your feng shui office or home is to ensure that you stay grounded and maintain balance in your life or environment.

You can create a feng shui house for instance by placing a wooden bowl filled with stones and pebbles alongside some water and a red candle inside a flower vase.

What are feng shui colors?

The feng shui colors are connected with different elements, these are;

Black = water,

Green= Wood,

Red= Fire,

Yellow and Brown= Earth, and

White= Metal.

Feng Shui Living

#4: Migrate the outdoors into your home

Transferring nature from the outdoors into your home will create some sense of peace and aside enhancing the feelings of pleasure, nature has a way of reducing feelings of anger and anxiety.

Try and flood the interior of your home with natural light by opening the windows and door, or even bring in a feng shui plant.

You may want to consider decorating your home with bamboo, wicker, stones or rocks.

Try as much as possible to adorn your walls with paintings of nature.

#5: Create feng shui mirrors

Mirrors can reflect energy, hence you should position them in a way that they can radiate more energy- these are referred to as the feng shui mirrors.

You need to ensure that the mirrors do reflect something that is beautiful and makes sure they don’t reflect stuff like the trash can that can cause reflection of low energy.

You may have to open the windows of the kitchen, bedroom or living room to allow the mirrors face beautiful flowers or plants to create that special reflection.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

#6: Avoid the “runaway” chi

When you create a feng shui kitchen, for instance, you want to retain the flow of positive energy, hence you can’t benefit when energy flows through the front door and then zip away through the back door.

A runaway chi is created when there is a direct escape from the energy after it is allowed in.

Let the positive energy run in a meandering pattern so that it can share the positive energy all around the room.

Do not place furniture or any other obstruction on the path of a chi, you may consider hanging a room separator or a faceted crystal near one of your doors to reflect the energy around the room.

#7: Make your bedroom become more restful

If you want to create a feng shui bedroom, then you must make it become more restful.

Since the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and the reason being that it is the place where we all seek the restoration of our bodies and souls.

The bedroom is also the place we dream and seek peace and balance.

To create a feng shui bedroom, you must watch the items you placed in-between your mattress and your body because they can interfere with your intentions.

You can make use of some fluffy pillows to boost relaxation and make sure you don’t store stuff such as shoes, books, suitcases, and files under your bed if you want to create a Feng shui bedroom.

And if you have children and want to feng shui their bedroom, you might need some tips about organizing your children’s bedroom from our other article.

Feng Shui Bedroom

#8: Place living plants in strategic places within your home

Living plants do radiate their own chi and they have a way of drawing chi to them.

Silk plants are ideal but not plastic plants.

The best places to place your feng shui plants are the kitchen, dining room and living room, these are places where the living plants can draw abundance, promote life and connection, and create balance.

Feng Shui Interior With Plants

In conclusion, creating a feng shui home is one sure way of boosting your creativity and an adage says “cleanliness is next to godliness”.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your entire home environment is clean, inside and out, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of Feng Shui.

You may have to practice different forms of arrangement of feng shui elements within your home before you get it right, but don’t be afraid to make adjustments in order to achieve even better results.

Protect and Maintain your Home

Protect and Maintain your Home with Long Island Professional House Cleaning

Homes getting dirty are scenarios that no one can ever stop. No matter how intense and frequent you do the cleaning job, there will always come a time that the kids will spill something on the floor, the pets will leave stains on the sofa and more. Though these real life happenings occur beyond your control, it is still a must to be patient and never give up on protecting and maintaining your home’s order and sanitation.

Cleaning the house can actually be done all by yourself, however, when the task becomes too tough, there is no harm to seek for professional help if available. If you are living on Long Island, you are fortunate enough because the place is a home of several companies providing home cleaning services. Residential Cleaning Services are performed by experts who will not just ease the burden of home cleaning and maintenance but will also create a clean, comfortable and safe haven for you and your entire family.

Committing with the Best Home Cleaning Company in Long Island

When the need for professional cleaning services arises, make sure to choose the best cleaning company in Long Island. This is a great way to ensure that you will get the desired cleaning results. Choose a cleaning company that conducts individual room cleaning. The company should have all the essential cleaning tools and equipment and cleaning professionals to facilitate effective home cleaning in the following areas of your home:

Bathrooms– wash and sanitize showers, toilets and vanities
Living Rooms-clean under-couch cushions, clean and dust woods and glass surfaces
Kitchens-wash and sanitize countertops, damp-wipe tables, chairs and cupboard fronts and more.

The best Long Island home cleaning company fully understands that every part of your home must receive the care and attention that it truly deserves. The company ensures that an extensive checklist is prepared to make sure that every detail and issue is properly taken care of. It is best to stick to a company that never misses a single detail when it comes to cleaning your home. Every room will be cleaned based on a customized and organized cleaning plan.

Reasons to Choose Long Island Home Cleaning Company

The major reason why you need to choose the best Home Cleaning Company in Long Island is satisfying results. Professional home cleaners know exactly what to do in eliminating the dirt, clutters and all other mess inside your home. Every room will be dusted left and right and will never ever leave your home until it completely sparkles and shines. Long Island Home Cleaning Company has all the means and capacity to deliver guaranteed results. The company is composed of cleaning experts that also know how to value delicate items in your home. They work with grace, efficiency and precision and adopt the best cleaning practices and techniques from start to finish. Long Island professional home cleaning services are the key towards clean, fresh and comfortable living environment. This is one valid reason why individuals must not hesitate to avail for these services especially if the situation really calls for it.

-Long Island Maids

Tips for Moving into a New Home: From Unpacking Boxes to Organizing

We are all different, some people like packing and hate unpacking and the reverse is the case for others.

If you often ask the question; how long does it take to unpack after moving?

The answer is simple, the volume of your items will determine how long it will take to unpack.

One of the most important moving house tips is that you need to get all necessary packing boxes and then pack the essential stuff first, while you declutter the old home.

Here are some tips on packing and unpacking boxes:

Unpacking Boxes

#1: Write down your moving checklist

One of the most important tips for moving into a new home is to have a moving checklist. Your checklist should comprise of the following;

– Checklists for 4-2 weeks until the moving day,

– Checklist for 1 week before moving day,

– 3 days to the move day,

– 2 days before you move,

– 1 day before you move

– The moving day (loading), and

– The moving day (unloading).

Every component you are moving or loading and unloading and all other arrangements must be included in one of the components of the moving house checklist.

For instance, throwing a housewarming party may happen a day after moving into the new home, while new home cleaning may occur the week before living room setup.

You need different organization ideas to help you follow your checklist wisely – try out different setups when organizing a new home.

Moving House Checklist

#2: Be time conscious

The golden rule of moving into a new home or unpacking is to ensure you leave sufficient time to do it.

You need to book enough time from your busy schedules to unpack and not just dedicate a weekend to moving house.

You may take an entire week off from work to unpack, and even get a babysitter for your children to help you focus.

If you don’t have sufficient time to unpack then you can fix a schedule in-between, for instance, you can focus on unpacking 5 boxes a night.

You must set a schedule for your children to unpack too in order to make your job easier.

Try and save the weekend to unpack the most difficult boxes.

Unpacking In Your New Home

#3: Always start with larger items and end with smaller ones

Whether you are packing or unpacking, you need to start with larger items such as beds, dressers, and armoires before you end such unpacking with smaller items such as bedclothes, books, toys, and sundries.

Moving Big Furniture

#4: Pay attention to the essentials

Whether you are thinking of a new living room furniture layout or kitchen organization, you must pay attention to all essential items.

You need to have a box and label it “essential” and each member of the family must have one.

The essential items must be unpacked first and this will make your first few nights in the new home more peasant.

#5: Which room must be unpacked first?

Home organization experts suggest that the kitchen should be unpacked only after you assemble all pieces of furniture and beddings.

The kitchen is usually the most complicated and the one that requires a critical re-structuring when settling into a new home.

The quicker you get your kitchen unpacked and organized the less you will spend on eating outdoors.

Once the unpacking and arrangement of the kitchen have been completed, the next is the bedrooms.

Make sure all seasonal clothing are unpacked and well organized while most important ones like kids school uniform and office clothing are properly hanged in their respective places in the wardrobes.

The living room should be the last place to unpack, before the yard, garage, and other external components.

Unpacking New Kitchen

#6: Unpack for function before decoration

Whether you are making furniture arrangement or adjusting your bedroom components, you need to ensure that you need to unpack those items that will help you and your family members eat, sleep and bathe first before other things.

For this reason, your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom must be sorted first before moving to other areas. Installation of functional items during unpacking will make the job of accessorizing much easier.

Organizing a housewarming party

A housewarming party will help you announce to your friends, family, and colleagues that you have changed address.

While some people prefer to do such parties before they moved into their new homes, others choose to organize such parties a week or two when adjusting to a new home.

Regardless of the time you choose for organizing a house-moving party, it is important to send housewarming party invitations not later than 2 weeks before you move to a new home so that the invitees will keep you in their schedule.

It is important that you settle into your new home and relax from the stress caused by the moving before you start preparing for the housewarming party.

If you are financially sound, you may want to hire a caterer to handle your housewarming party, otherwise, you have to spend extra in handling such.

Housewarming Party

In conclusion, house moving should not be a fearful thing for couples, especially those who have larger families.

Financially stable families often hire house moving companies to handle such process for them, however, such companies will only unpack your house items and deliver them to your doorstep.

This means you will still have to figure out how you will rearrange the items to make them fit perfectly into your new home.

When figuring out or planning to move, it is ideal to approach a packing company to help you figure out the best packing materials that can handle some vital items (most especially breakable and other valuable accessories or items).

This may cost some money but it will worth the effort in the long run because your items must be delivered unbroken and without any scratch.

Most moving companies do have different packaging stuff for handling household and keep in mind that you still have to hire trucks and pay for the workmanship.

You must probably make a budget before you start preparing for moving, this will help you avoid any likely emergency funding and if you want a clean home to move into, Long Island Maids are always there to help.