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Spring Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Home

Spring cleaning is a great way to refresh the entire look of your home and, most of all, to contribute to a healthy living environment. If you have other priorities or problems standing in the way, you can always hire a professional cleaning company. However, if you decide to do the cleaning yourself, here are some tips that will help you organize your work and help you remember the basic things that you have to do in order to freshen up your home.

  • Wipe the dust from every room, clean or replace the air conditioning filters, clean all pipes and vents to reduce exposure to pollen and other allergens. Vacuum the ceiling, the carpets, the tapestry, the mattresses and the areas hidden under the furniture, for dust, pollen and cobwebs.
  • Wash and remove stains from fabrics and surfaces.
  • Organize your shelves and cabinets. Throw away old and unnecessary things, clean the remaining objects with a soft damp cloth and use your imagination to arrange them aesthetically.
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The Best Tips to Help You Organize Your Children’s Bedroom

If you reside in a small home, organizing kids bedroom will remain a challenge.

It is easy to spot a cluttered kids bedroom, toys, books, and clothing are scattered everywhere, with the right storage solutions such as toy storage bins, children’s bedroom organization will become a lot easier.

Here are some tips that can help you out;

#1: Bring Your Child Into The De-Clutter Process

Do not try to handle children’s bedroom organization alone, you must teach your children organizational skills and maintenance process as you clean the mess together.

Make sure you figure out things that are not working and those that are working; for instance, broken kids furniture and toy storage systems must be removed and replaced with more functional ones.

In addition to surveying what is working and what is not, you need to identify those things that are important to the child and those that are not; worn-out clothes, damaged shoes, and outdated toys, for instance, must be eliminated immediately and you must tell your child the reason why.

When you become your child’s partner in the process of de-cluttering, he or she will be motivated to keep the bedroom clean and tidy.

Children Help With Cleaning Bedroom

#2: Sort Out, Store And Simplify Storage

As a parent, you may want to start with carpet cleaning, but you know this wouldn’t be possible until the clutter on the surface of the carpet is removed.

Similarly, starting with window cleaning may not be ideal when there are still clutters and dirt on the floor.

Your children’s room is perhaps small, shared with bunk beds and probably have fewer storage spaces.

You need to keep in mind that kids will never be organized when their closets are crammed and the closet organizer is stuffed.

The only solution, in this case, is to sort out, store, and simplify.

Start with the clothing, make sure you remove all out of season and outgrown clothing from the kids’ shelves, the children’s furniture must be checked for breakages that can cause accidents and be removed immediately to create more space.

Simplify means removing those clothing that your son hardly wear, in order to create more space to fold and properly hang the ones he or she is fond of wearing.

This same technique must be applied when searching for toy storage ideas.

For your younger children, creating a toy library will be the answer to excess toys, in this case, there are several options you can consider, these are; a large lidded plastic container, plastic garbage bag, and toy boxes.

Regardless of the option you go for, make sure it is labeled as “toy library”.

Once in a while, bring out the toy library and swap the toys with some other meaningful items that the kids will appreciate or donate them to charity courses.

You should encourage the older kids to make use of toy bin organizer to store toys they don’t like.

Organized Kid Wardrobe

#3: Indulge In One-In-One-Out Approach

Perhaps one of the best clutter removal approach is to operate on a one-in-one-out rule, which simply means as you get a new toy for your children, one toy must be thrown inside the toy library.

This will help eliminate toy clutters in the first place.

This rule must also apply to books, clothing, and accessories.

Make sure your children are aware of this rule and must be prepared to get rid of an old item as a new one is brought in.

Shelf Drawer Storage

#4: Get More Functional Storage For The Kids

Perhaps the most practical way to help children with their closet storage is to upgrade their storage options.

You should consider replacing lazy kids bedroom furniture with kids beds with storage – this perhaps will encourage them to optimize the extra space they have to store their most valuable items.

Newer kids bedroom sets do come with pre-installed drawers and cabinets beside or underneath the bed for extra storage, and they can be found at kids furniture stores.

Convert some horizontal storage compartment to vertical storage spaces.

Items such as musical instruments, bicycles, and baseball bats, are best stored in vertical positions if you want to optimize more space.

A combination of both vertical and horizontal storage compartments will definitely make storage a lot easier.

Bed With Storage

#5: Make Sure It Is Easier To Put Away But Harder To Get Out

The best possible way to discourage kids from cluttering is to ensure to make sure it is easier to put it away but harder to retrieve.

Traditional bookcases, for instance, should be replaced with flip file storage options where the kid can toss a book in front of a dishpan when they are done and it can be more difficult to retrieve such books.

Similarly, your choices of toy organizer or closet shelving must provide an option where old stuff eliminated are quite hard to retrieve.

The kids may see it as a punishment in the beginning but will eventually get used to it.

Kid Bookshelf

#6 Rug Cleaning Should Be Done Once In Every 6 Months

Aside from regular vacuuming of the rug or carpet, you must tell your children the importance of clean rugs especially as regards their health.

If rug cleaning will be difficult for the kids, then it will be better to replace it with a hard or wooden surface.

Upholstery furniture must be cleaned with appropriate upholstery cleaner with a brush and clean water.

If they can’t remove the furniture out for cleaning then you have to help them or simply place a furniture cover on top to make it easier to clean.

Both the boys and girls bedroom sets must have kids dressers to help them make right clothing choices.

Kid Cleaning Rug

#7 Always Organize From Bottom To The Top

The toddler bedroom sets are generally making it easier to handle these days.

Most used toys can be arranged in lower shelves on boys bedroom sets for instance, while higher levels of the storage shelve are used in storing less frequently used items.

Toy Shelves

In conclusion, kids beds are not the only item that must be focused on, all storage spaces must be labeled to help kids stay organized at all times.

17 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Organizing your kitchen drawers can give you extra storage spaces when properly done.

No matter how small those drawers and cabinets are, your creativity will help you define how well and functional you want them to be.

Long Island Maids wants to offer some advice.

So here are some of the best possible ways of organizing your cabinet drawers to make them more functional;

#1 Install sink drawers that tip out

If you truly need all the spaces you can get then you need sink drawers that tip out because they are more convenient, and also give you more inner spaces to store some kitchen tools.

easy ways to organize your kitchen space

#2: Add a pocket organizer

One of the best possible ways of organizing your under sink storage space, is to add a pocket organizer.

This will even be easier if you have some sewing skills but if you don’t, then you can get an over-the-door shoe organizer to perform the same tasks.

Pocket organizers can help you keep extra kitchen tools (especially smaller or tinnier ones.

#3: Add command hooks plus a small basket to the vertical space under your cabinet

One of the best possible ways to utilize your vertical kitchen space is to install command hooks and baskets that can hold some kitchen accessories.

You may want to add some vertical spaces to your horizontal kitchen drawers if you don’t have them already.

#4: Invest in a rolling-shelf option

Pantry organization doesn’t have to be in a traditional way, hence you can invest in smaller rolling kitchen drawer organizers that simply roll out when you open the cabinet.

You can easily find lots of pre-made rolling cabinets or get a handyman to help you build a customized one.

#5: Buy an over-the-sink shelf

One of the best possible ways of creating an extra counter space on top of your kitchen sink is to get a small shelf over it – it makes it very convenient to retrieve some kitchen tools and you wouldn’t have to open drawers all the time.

kitchen structure

#6: Utilize those bare sides of the cabinets

Instead of leaving them bare, why not install hooks to those bare sides (especially those facing your sinks) and hang some of your kitchen utensils on them?

#7: Hang a rail over your sink

If there is sufficient space above the sink, you can simply hang a rail from the ceiling and hang some of your kitchen utensils there.

#8: Hang corkboards on the inside of your kitchen’s cabinet doors

One of the best possible ways of staying organized and making use of every bit of space is to install corkboards especially on the side of the cabinet door, it helps you organize those long plastic and metal spoons and bowls easily.

#9: Create a magnetic spice rack

You may want to consider hanging a sheet of magnetic tin inside your kitchen cabinets just to create a rack for your spices.

The magnet must be strong enough to hold some pieces of metal in place. Magnetic racks are quite common on refrigerator doors and the back, but nothing should stop you from using them to organize your pantry cabinet

#10: Make use of screw hooks in awkward corners of the cabinet

No matter how good you are in organizing your kitchen cabinets, there are some difficult corners that can prove difficult to use for storage, your best bet is to make use of screw hooks to turn such awkward corners into pot racks and for some other kitchen cabinet organizers.

#11: Make use of the Lazy Suzan cabinet

This is one of the best newest kitchen cabinet organizers that can help you optimize those awkward spaces that prove very difficult to use. Installing the lazy Susan cabinet will make difficult spaces more accessible.

 use the Lazy Suzan cabinet for more structure

#12: Add more shelves on top of existing shelves

Sometimes, the best way to provide more space for your kitchen gadgets is to add more space on top of existing spaces.

It is very important to make use of all vertical spaces if you want to stay organized.

Similarly, you should consider adding more shelves to your shelves if you want to create more vertical spaces and stay organized.

#13: Make use of pan dividers

One of the best possible ways of finding your pans more easily and get them organized is to stack them with the aid of pan dividers.

#14: Make use of a dividing file rack to organize lighter items easily

One of the easiest ways of organizing items such as baking sheets as well as your cooling racks is through the use of file racks. File rack helps to store and organize items in a vertical way.

#15: Make use of a table that can fold into the wall

Foldable tables are like foldable cabinets that occupy no space at all. If you can find this item customized for you then it will be a great addition to your kitchen organizers.

#16: Get a kitchen cart

If you have sufficient space in your kitchen, you can organize your kitchen much better with the addition of a cart.

A kitchen cart can serve multiple purposes, for instance, it can work as an extra counter, or simply as an extended storage area or probably a temporary bar for entertaining your friends and family.

#17: install a pegboard wall organizer

Perhaps one of the best ways to show your creativity is to create a pegboard by yourself and install it as a wall organizer in your kitchen. With a pegboard, you can easily keep all manner, sizes, and shapes of kitchen gadgets and get them whenever you want to use them.

If you can’t make a pegboard by yourself, then you can get ready-made ones at an affordable price from a nearby store.

pegboard wall organizer

In conclusion, kitchen organization don’t have to be costly and you don’t need to move into a new home to start over.

It is all about being creative with what you have and adding some more functional options to the kitchen cabinets.

The addition of functional storage features such as a narrow rolling cart can do a lot to help you stay organized.