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Long Island Maids is aware that the advice surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forever evolving. Due to this we are constantly making changes to the way we work to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our cleaning teams and customers safe. Long Island Maids has, and is continuing to take precautions to ensure that none of our workers come in to contact with COVID-19. For Long Island Maids COVID Safe Plan, please see Here

Excellent service. Highly recommend. Since COVID-19, I became more aware of the germs and bacteria that are lingering around our home and found Long Island Maids offers a disinfection service that kills COVID-19 and other bacteria/viruses! - Rose V. from Southampton, NY

Long Island Maid's Response to COVID-19
Long Island Maids, in partnership with National Cleaning Laboratories, INC. is now offering COVID-19 disinfecting services. Our disinfectant is a hospital grade EPA approved to help fight against COVID-19 and many other viruses The EPA has confirmed that SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus), the cause of COVID-19 Disease has met the conditions outlined in EPA’s emerging viral pathogens guidance and emerging viral pathogen policy for National Cleaning Laboratories, INC. EPA #1839-83-2296

What is a Disinfectant Clean?

Our cleaners will perform the same services and follow the same check-lists. However, they will only use products that disinfect surfaces and effectively kill all germs/bacteria/viruses on touch. This extra is included in every cleaning service to make sure all kinds of germs are killed throughout the areas of the home that you elect to have cleaned.

The difference between normal products and disinfecant products can be confusing. Normal soap based products are effective at breaking down COVID-19 when rubbed in to a surface. When soap is mixed in with the virus, it breaks down the wall of the virus rendering it useless. Disinfectant products kill the virus on touch, without the need for them to be mixed with the virus. So they are both effective, the disinfectant products just do it without the need for any elbow grease!

We have partnered with National Cleaning Laboratories INC.for our EPA approved disinfectiants

To book a disinfectant service, simply just book as normal without any extra fees

What is Included in a Disinfectant Cleaning?

Our cleaning teams will continue to follow our typical cleaning procedures. The only thing that is included is the use of our EPA approved disinfectant at no extra charge. This is for all of our services, including flat rate, hourly, post constructions, move in/out, etc.

Normal Flat Rate – Our cleaners will use standard products to clean your home. Please note that extensive research has shown that one of the most effective products in removing the coronavirus (COVID-19) is in fact, common household soap. This is due to the COVID-19 virus’s outer wall being made up of a fatty layer which is broken down by soap. The soapy products just need to be rubbed in to the surface and it will break down COVID-19 if it is there. We are confident that our standard soap-based products/supplies will be effective at breaking down and removing COVID-19 from your home. Normal services do include disinfecting of some areas of the home (wet areas including toilets and bathrooms).

Flat Rate with Disinfectant Products – With these services we will upgrade to disinfectant products and use them in every room so that all germs/viruses are killed on touch. The key difference here is that disinfectant products do not need to be rubbed in to a surface to kill bacteria/viruses. While the normal flat rates will be effective at removing most contaminents (including COVID-19) the disinfectant services will go to the next level and effectively kill all germs on touch as well as removing them from your home.

So basically – our standard cleans will be effective at removing dust/dirt/germs from your home and the disinfectant cleans go that extra level of actually killing everything as well as removing them.

How Much Do They Cost?

Our disinfectant products come at no extra cost! We are working closely with our manufacture to offer us the best pricing possible, in such, we at Long Island Maids have included these products into each service without raising the prices or adding in any extras.

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