Eco-friendly, Healthy, and Natural Ways to Clean Your Home

A home that is tidy, clean and well-maintained speaks volumes about the people living in it. A home that is healthy and pollution free also speaks quite eloquently about the lady of the house and her role in keeping not only the home but also the environment free from health hazards. One of the best ways to maintain an eco-friendly home is to use natural cleaning products. There are many cleaning products made out of naturally available ingredients and each of them has its own benefits in being used in the home as a cleaning agent. These natural ways to clean are also very healthy as they do not affect the health of the people or pets living in the house.

The use of the chemically produced cleaning agents available in the market is extremely harmful to the health of the people and the pets in the home. Moreover, they are also damaging to the environment as they contain Ammonia which is a chemical that is a health hazard. Having understood this need for natural cleaning agents, a number of long island cleaning service centers have changed over to healthier options which are safer and affordable to use. Some of the cleaning agents used include:



  • Cleaning of glass doors and windows is now an easy process with the liquid of green tea. A good option, it wipes the grease and dust away. It can also be used to wipe any glass surface in the house. Cleaning curtains, linen and clothes is easily done using vinegar with a dash of any perfume in it. Though the use of perfume is optional you can also use crushed rose or jasmine along with the vinegar and rinse your clothes in it. The vinegar acts as a fabric softener and the flowers provide the fragrance of freshness to it. Today many long island cleaning service centers follow this method.
  • Apart from using such harmless ingredients as cleaning agents, a little bit of caution when using the chemicals like ammonia and bleach can also ensure that the people in the home breathe non-toxic air. Fumes emanating from a mix of bleach and ammonia can be really harmful if inhaled and to avoid this it is better to replace the use of chemicals with more gentle options like using a mix of baking soda and salt to create a healthier and safer cleaning agent.
  • Avoid the use of PVC and plastics which are extremely harmful to the environment. Plants make a better option when you need to add décor to your home. Today it is possible to get a wide range of different plants especially house plants that are colorful and decorative and there are other ways that Suffolk county cleaning company can enlighten you about them.

Therefore, by taking care and understanding the repercussions of the use of harsh chemicals, it is possible to avoid the harm caused to the health of the people living in the home and the environment.