Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Having a clean home makes it a joyous and relaxing space to spend your time. If you hold a regular job which takes you out of the door every morning then you have limited time for cleaning duties. This article will give you a few tips on how to get it done quickly so that you can spend your time relaxing. If cleaning is just too much for you then you should consider calling in the Long Island Maids.

Clean Kitchen

  1. Always start cleaning from the stove. This is usually the dirtiest part of any kitchen and making this your starting point will prevent spreading the dirt all round the kitchen. Long Island Maids are trained in following the correct cleaning procedure to produce superb results.
  2. Lining your oven with foil is the best way of preventing extra cleaning effort at a later date when its all caked in chicken or whatever else you cook in it. Having a specialist oven company do it for you is an option and something the Long Island Maids can easily tackle for you.
  3. Sanitize your sink because very few people realize the amount of bacteria a dirty sink can harbour. Use a commercial environmentally friendly disinfectant and to finish off you could spray some vinegar and use mineral oil to give your stainless fittings a shine.
  4. Clean on the go is one of the best cleaning tips we can share with you. A lot of people become frustrated when the sink becomes full of dishes. One way of overcoming this is to clean as you prepare and make dinner. However, if all this is just too much for you the Long Island Maid will come to the rescue.

These 4 simple tips will help you keep your sanity when it comes to keeping your kitchen spruced up. If you are short of time and would like to come back home to a spick and span house then better call the Long Island Maids. Our professional cleaning services cater for all sizes of properties. Visit our website https://www.longislandmaids.com/ to get started today.