Long Island Maids
Laundry Services
Laundry is EXTREMELY time-consuming, which is why many of our clients add this service on to their cleaning services

With a family of six, work, daycare, etc we just simply don't have the time to do laundry or even clean our home. Thankfully, we found a godsend (Long Island Maids) who offers not only the best cleaning services but also laundry services! - Long Island, NY

How In-Home
Laundry Works?

The short answer: We come to your
house for your cleaning service, will start the laundry first

Just add the laundry service extra in your booking and the amount of loads you'd like done.

Laundry + House Cleaning

When we first arrive, will begin the laundry cycle, then get straight to your cleaning service while periodically checking the laundry

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  • We DON'T use bleach.

  • We DON'T wash dry clean items or delicates like cashmere sweaters.

  • We DON'T do heavy cleaning: no tubs, no showers, mop floors, no blinds, no base-boards.

    If we look at our maintenance checklist, only the light cleaning tasks.

  • We ARE NOT responsible for fine clothing that was left at the laundry basket.

  • We DO vacuum floors but use the client's vacuums. Clean up mirrors, counters, straighten up pillows, toys in the playroom, load the dishwasher.

  • Folding of laundered clothes is to be done by person. Meaning if there are 4 family members in the house, there would be 4 stacks of clothes per person. And left on their beds or put away in their closets.

  • Cleaning Teach arrives with Bucket of cleaning supplies and cleaning cloths (no vacuum, only the client's).