Long-Lasting Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized

If you’re anything like the teens of today, you’ll have clothes lying all over your room and a messy closet that’s responsible for it. Of course, a disorganized wardrobe is the primary reason for not putting clothes away and leaving your room in a mess. On the other hand, many are discouraged from organizing their closets because it just doesn’t last long. The hunt for your favorite tee can easily turn your closet upside down and that’s when you feel like organizing it in the first place was a waste of time! But before you give up on the idea of maintaining a neat and tidy closet altogether, take a look at our surefire ways to organize wardrobes and keep ‘em that way!

  1. Do Away with Unused Clothes

Before you begin to organize your closet, it makes sense to maximize the space. There is only one way of doing this and you know it. All those clothes you’ve holding on to for sentimental reasons but haven’t worn in years; it’s time to say goodbye to them. Maintaining order in your closet is so much easier when you have more space. What’s more, those clothes that don’t fit you anymore can be given to someone who could definitely make use of them.

  1. Store Wisely

By this we mean putting away clothes in a manner that is convenient to find particular items. For example, store formal clothes on hangers while folding your t-shirts and stacking them together in one pile or on a separate shelf with your jeans. It’s also handy to color-coordinate clothes in your closet for easy accessibility. This ensures that you don’t mess up your entire wardrobe looking for a particular item. Another useful tip is to hang bulky items up for more neatness on your shelves.

  1. Use Drawers for Delicates

Many people choose to store delicates in their closet which really doesn’t take up much space; but it can be hard to keep them organized as they are smaller articles of clothing. We suggest you clean out a drawer in your dresser to hold your delicates and other smaller items like socks, scarves and headgear to avoid losing them among your clothes.

  1. Stick to the Rules!

When you’re putting clothes away, stick to the theme you have in place (color-coordination, similar items clubbed, etc). The minute you put something in the wrong stack in a hurry, you have an excuse to do it again. That’s generally how it works for most of us; “I’ve put a yellow with the reds, another one won’t matter”. Well, it does! In fact, sticking to the rules are fairly easy because it makes putting clothes away much more convenient.

  1. The Pull-Out, Put-Back Habit

We often pull out several clothing items when trying to put together the perfect outfit. Where do these clothes end up? Dumped around your room or shoved back in to your closet, of course! That is an absolute no-no. Whatever you pull out that you aren’t going to wear, needs to be put back inside (and neatly). This habit (and the tips above) will go a long way in keeping your closet organized and clothes where they belong!

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