Organization Services
With our organizing service option, we help you declutter your home, organize your moving and unpacking, organize your home for greater efficiency, or simply help you stay organized in your day to day life.

I used Long Island Maids originally for a Move In for my new home in Long Beach and hired them again for their organization services with the same team and couldn't be happier! - Long Island, NY

Home Organization & De-Cluttering

Feeling a bit Unorganized? Long Island Maids specializes in all aspects of house cleaning including organizing and decluttering. Let us get your life back on track with our organization services When we think about moving or settling in, we think about all the time that will be spent unpacking, cleaning, organizing your belongings in your new space. Maybe you have new space now that your teen has gone off to college. Whatever the reason, Long Island Maids can help. We can help you organize your new home with a plan for each new area, help you unpack and maintain your home organization through weekly, biweekly or monthly visits. We will ensure your home is left in a state of order, cleanliness and peace so you are able to function efficiently and effectively.

With our organizing service option, we can help you de-clutter your home, make your home more efficient, organize your moving and unpacking, or simply help you stay organized in your day-to-day life, leaving you feeling lighter. At Long Island Maids, we believe organizing has to work with your personality and individual concerns. Our cleaners and organizers quickly assess your situation and get to know you quickly. They then develop a strategy to get your organizing done in an efficient time frame. Clutter in the home is stressful! It makes us unhappy, distracts us, and reminds us that we have too much to do that isn’t getting done. Orderly spaces make us feel good and are good for us.

We offer a wide variety of services to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and throughout the New York City area. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask! There is no single answer for everyone. Getting from here to there may seem like an overwhelming task, but we can help you one step at a time, working with you to come up with an individualized solution for your home. We will take care of you!
Home Organization

Organizing services that help you with the challenges of living in your home: storing things you want to keep, identifying things you don’t, taming clutter and using space more efficiently.

Moving and Unpacking

Organizing services that help you move more efficiently and with less stress: supervising movers, packing and unpacking and organizing the kitchen, closets, and other spaces in your home. Please note that we charge extra for these services and you will find that an additional cost for organizing is standard across the industry. This option has previously only been available with a booked cleaning, but we are now accepting jobs for organizing only. Give us a call at 347 984 9068 or [email protected] to book a custom organizing job with Lazy Susans.


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Residential & Office Organization and Time Management

Residential Organizing You might find at times; some household items tend to go missing at times. Usually, these lost items are right beneath your nose! Will help you get your home decluttered while looking for any lost items you want us to look for! Our professional organizers will help you go from “I can’t find anything!” to “Thank you Long Island Maids” Office Organizing & Paper Management Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the paper mess? Or maybe a bit powerless by the number of boxes and stacks of papers? Well, lucky for you, you’re not alone! Many clients call us on a weekly basis in the same exact position as you who can’t stay on top of their paper work. Our professional organizers will help you get back on top of these stacks and help you develop a system to help with the influx of papers. Unpack & Organize new home Did you just move into a new home? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the packing, moving, non-stop driving, and clutter of packed boxes? We understand many new home owners are moving into a new home due to a new job, and your work schedule might be delaying you from unpacking. This is one of our most popular services when it comes to organization. Let us help you with you unpacking and give you better time management. Time Management According to a study, the average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for lost items! Ask yourself, do you really have the time to waste doing this? You probably don’t, but we do, it’s why we exists!