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Best Beaches To Visit On Long Island This Summer

With the warm and sunny months of summer on the horizon, the peaceful respite of a beach vacation or a day trip to one of the many beaches that line the north and south shore of Long Island is sure to serve as a welcome break from the stress of today’s bustling business world. At 118 miles long, Long Island is home to a ton of popular beaches and shoreline parks. Due to its geographical location, Long Islanders and visitors alike have the ability to experience two different types of beachy terrains: the first being the smooth, sandy beaches of the south shore where the edge of the island meets the Atlantic Ocean, and the second being the rocky, calm beaches of the north shore, with small cliffs and bluffs acting as a barrier between the “Gold Coast” homes and the Long Island Sound.

Here are our the top 3 best beaches to visit on Long Island this summer!

1. Jones Beach State Park

Jones Beach State Park is one of the most popular seaside destinations on Long Island, and for good reason. This sprawling seaside retreat has been a mainstay for nearly a century, with the master civic designer, Robert Moses, conceiving the idea for the park in the early 1920’s. Jones Beach is located less than twenty miles from New York City and is quite accessible through public transportation. Simply for its history, Jones Beach deserves to be on your list of beaches to visit!

Best beach to visit on long island Jones beach Summer

2. Orient Beach State Park

Orient Beach State Park offers a different side of Long Island beaches that is not typically seen through the popular beaches that line the south shore of the island. Orient Beach is located at the tip of the North Fork on the eastern end of Long Island and is often visited and highly regarded for its peaceful aesthetic. Orient maintains a healthy plethora of various flora and fauna and was named a National Natural Landmark in 1980 due to its rare seaside maritime forest. Orient is an excellent choice if you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing day at the beach – away from the crowds and the high energy beach scene of the south shore.

best beaches on long island orient beach state park

3. Long Beach

The town of Long Beach, Long Island has been on the rise over the last several years. While Long Beach has always been popular due to its close proximity to New York City, its upscale neighborhoods, and its affordable rental spaces along the shoreline, it has grown into a popular entertainment destination with its famed boardwalk. The massive boardwalk is popular all year round – with bikers, walkers, dog walkers, and runners making their way up and down throughout every season. During the summer months, one is sure to find a bustling crowd enjoying the sunset, watching a game of beach volleyball, or photographing the surfers trying to catch the waves. Long Beach has created an identity as a hip and trendy location for all the people looking to experience the true Long Island culture.

Summer Sunset Long Beach Board Walk Long Island NY Best beaches on long island


While Long Island offers miles and miles of beachfront for residents and visitors, these three should certainly be on everyone’s “must visit” list for Summer 2018!

If you’re heading out east, be sure to visit Cooper Beach in Southampton, and Cupsogue Beach in Westhampton Beach on Dune Road!

Cleaning Services

Benefits of Long Island Cleaning Service

A lot of people take for granted that getting a cleaning service to do their house cleaning task is a comfort that they cannot pay for. Despite the fact that it could be brought of a comfort, for a lot of people, it keeps a need and necessity. There are lots of professional housekeeper service on Long Island that establish a regular house cleaning habit and it breaks down to become more practical than it might seem. There are lots of benefits of getting the service of Long Island Maid Service.

Allergy Avoidance

For those who suffer from skin irritation, hiring a Long Island housekeeper is more of a corrective need than a special treat. There are clear medical benefits of getting rid of the allergens which are kicked up in the procedure of vacuuming and dusting. Some homeowners have sensitivities to deodorizing agents and airborne cleaning, which makes delegating these jobs to a professional Long Island cleaning service is a must.
Perpetual Cleanliness

New parents are popular users of maid services. Having an everlastingly clean house is advantageous to newborn babies and older babies, particularly in the crawling stage. New parents are apt to have a shortage of time to give their personal sufficient disinfecting and tidying of the home. Kids of aging parents also find getting the service of a professional Long Island cleaning service necessary and valuable.

Time Efficiency

A lot of busy households are willing to deal money for a time, particularly more time for the family. Cleaning services offered by Long Island companies take part of the load of keeping a property of their responsibility and thus, this gives them more time for family bonding. It is so hard to dispute with something which allows for extra family time.

Tranquility and Peace of Mind

Apart from the additional time spend on home cleaning, which could be allotted to other important activities; having tranquility is always advantageous for all concerned. Knowing your Long Island cleaning service experts will be there on a frequent basis will help you relax in the information that it is one less thing to stress about. A home that is clean and neat is very essential for the inhabitants, and even at the time of constraints, Long Island cleaning service makes sure that one big issue is handled and addressed to you.

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Services Long Island Provider

There are lots of cleaning service providers on Long Island that offer this kind of service, this makes choosing the best one daunting and time consuming. There are certain factors you need to think about when finding one such as years of experience, certification, license and insurance.
Indeed, you can easily know even more reasons why getting the service of Long Island housekeeper will improve and make your life easier. It will be a safe guess that when given a chance to try a home cleaning service, you will enjoy the importance in determining that awkward job is taken care of by the expert. How about something that separates one cleaning service from the rest? How about giving you the ability to book online with flat rate prices, now that’s something to talk about!

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Protect and Maintain your Home

Protect and Maintain your Home with Long Island Professional House Cleaning

Homes getting dirty are scenarios that no one can ever stop. No matter how intense and frequent you do the cleaning job, there will always come a time that the kids will spill something on the floor, the pets will leave stains on the sofa and more. Though these real life happenings occur beyond your control, it is still a must to be patient and never give up on protecting and maintaining your home’s order and sanitation.

Cleaning the house can actually be done all by yourself, however, when the task becomes too tough, there is no harm to seek for professional help if available. If you are living on Long Island, you are fortunate enough because the place is a home of several companies providing home cleaning services. Residential Cleaning Services are performed by experts who will not just ease the burden of home cleaning and maintenance but will also create a clean, comfortable and safe haven for you and your entire family.

Committing with the Best Home Cleaning Company in Long Island

When the need for professional cleaning services arises, make sure to choose the best cleaning company in Long Island. This is a great way to ensure that you will get the desired cleaning results. Choose a cleaning company that conducts individual room cleaning. The company should have all the essential cleaning tools and equipment and cleaning professionals to facilitate effective home cleaning in the following areas of your home:

Bathrooms– wash and sanitize showers, toilets and vanities
Living Rooms-clean under-couch cushions, clean and dust woods and glass surfaces
Kitchens-wash and sanitize countertops, damp-wipe tables, chairs and cupboard fronts and more.

The best Long Island home cleaning company fully understands that every part of your home must receive the care and attention that it truly deserves. The company ensures that an extensive checklist is prepared to make sure that every detail and issue is properly taken care of. It is best to stick to a company that never misses a single detail when it comes to cleaning your home. Every room will be cleaned based on a customized and organized cleaning plan.

Reasons to Choose Long Island Home Cleaning Company

The major reason why you need to choose the best Home Cleaning Company in Long Island is satisfying results. Professional home cleaners know exactly what to do in eliminating the dirt, clutters and all other mess inside your home. Every room will be dusted left and right and will never ever leave your home until it completely sparkles and shines. Long Island Home Cleaning Company has all the means and capacity to deliver guaranteed results. The company is composed of cleaning experts that also know how to value delicate items in your home. They work with grace, efficiency and precision and adopt the best cleaning practices and techniques from start to finish. Long Island professional home cleaning services are the key towards clean, fresh and comfortable living environment. This is one valid reason why individuals must not hesitate to avail for these services especially if the situation really calls for it.

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