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How Much To Tip House Cleaner?

A Complete Guide to Tipping Your House Cleaner

what is a good tip for cleaning lady

Hiring a house cleaning or maid service companies are a godsend to busy homeowners. Cleaning the home often becomes a secondary consideration when life gets busy, but you can’t keep coming home to a dirty environment.

Many people who hire a house cleaning service often wonder if they should give a tip or not. And if you should, how much is enough. This handy guide will help you navigate through the situation and come up with a solution that’s best for you and your house cleaner.

How much to tip house cleaners

Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

Tipping has become an integral part of society that you automatically give something to people who serve you, whether it’s the waiter, a barista, or the lady who does your nails. But what about those closer to your home. Do you tip your house cleaner? And if so, how much?

People who hire house cleaners typically fall into these three trains of thought. The first is that you don’t have to tip because it’s part of the service. The second group are those who believe they should give a tip as a sign of appreciation. Lastly, there’s the group with the Uber mindset. They won’t give a tip but will just pay the cleaning person more.

Paid employees of a cleaning service don’t expect you to give them a tip, and most companies don’t require their customers to do so. However, some cleaning companies do integrate tipping into their rates and it’s clearly stated in their contract. But if it isn’t and you’re unsure of their policy, you should ask the owner directly.

Remember that tipping your house cleaner is your decision. It’s not expected or required. Soliciting for something extra is also frowned upon. But there’s no denying that your cleaner will appreciate the gesture though. There are also customers who prefer tipping the cleaning service to show their appreciation.

tipping a maid service

Does it Have to be a Cash Tip or Can it be Something Else?

It’s always a good idea to include the tip in your payment. You can give it directly to the cleaner or pass it through the maid service company. Some cleaning service companies pool all the tips received by their staff during the week or holiday season and divide them equally. However, a larger share will go to employees who worked more.

A cash tip is always appreciated though. For one, the money will go straight to the cleaner’s pocket. They won’t have to wait for the pool tip to be divided at the end of the week or month. Tipping in cash could also be a lifesaver for cleaners who are only paid the minimum wage. It helps them get through the week.
You can also opt to give something other than cash. A gift card, a nice wine, or baked goods from a local bakery will also show how much you appreciate your cleaner’s help. You can also include a hand-written note thanking them for their hard work and service. It will brighten up their day.

how muhc to tip housekeeper

When and How Much Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

Another question you probably ponder on is when and how much to tip house cleaners. The answer will depend on you. But it’s a good idea to follow the standard practice of tipping 15 to 20%. Giving $10 or $20 is suitable if the service costs around $100. If there’s more than one cleaner, just split the tip between them.

You can also consider how you employed your house cleaner. Did you use a cleaning agency or did you hire your cleaning person directly? Some cleaning companies only pay a minimum wage so tipping would be nice. Other companies pay more so they don’t allow their employees to accept tips. If it’s a direct hire and works with you for the whole year, an annual bonus is enough.

The circumstances and frequency you use the service could also affect how much tip you can give. For instance, if you just hired them once for a deep cleaning service, you can either give a large tip or forego it altogether.

It’s a different scenario if you use the cleaning service regularly though. You can give a tip every time they come to clean your home or once a month. You also have the option to just give something annually.
However, there are cases wherein a customer has a different cleaner come in per service instead of having a regular one assigned. In this situation, it’s best to give a small tip every time instead of giving a large one once a month. This ensures fairness.

The holiday season is a great time to give your house cleaner something extra. If you have decided on giving a Christmas or New Year tip as a token of your gratitude, it’s a good idea to give it early. You can give it after Thanksgiving, so your cleaning person have something extra for the holidays.

If you want to make it more festive, put your planned tip in a card and write them a short but sincere note. We all want to be recognized for our hard work. It will also make them want to do better or to work again with you.

tipping a cleaner

Things to Consider Before Tipping

Tipping cleaning service businesses are not as straightforward as giving 10% to your bartender or waiter. House cleaners do more than just clean your home. They free up your time so you can focus on other things and ensure you come home to a clean and comfortable environment. Consider these things before tipping –
• Your home’s condition. When considering how much to tip house cleaners, you should take into account what they will work on. If you haven’t cleaned for a while and your home requires a deep cleaning, then you might want to give more. After all, it’s a challenge to clean a dirty kitchen or bathroom.

• Where you hired the cleaning person. Is the home cleaner from a company or a freelancer? An agency might charge more but they’re licensed and bonded. If you’re not satisfied with the work, they can send another. How much the cleaner is paid also depends on the company. They might get the minimum or they could be enjoying a living wage.

A professional or freelance house cleaner might charge less, but still provide high quality service. They might ask to be paid in cash and they’re not licensed or insured. However, you don’t have any recourse if they don’t do a good job or if they can’t come because they’re sick.

• Lead time for coming to your home. Did you hire someone on short notice or asked the agency to send someone at the last minute? If you did and the service was available, you should give a tip. They might have rearranged their schedule for you or been inconvenienced by your request.

• How satisfied you are with the service. If they did an awesome job and you’re happy with the service, then by all means, give a tip. If you’re not, you could give them less than what you usually do. If you think you’re not getting what you paid for, you can request for a new cleaner or stop using the service altogether.

• Season or occasion you hired them. You should give a tip if you hired cleaners close to a major holiday. There’s a large demand during those times as people want their homes to be extra clean for parties or overnight guests.

• Contact the company for guidance. It’s a good idea to get some advice if you hired someone via a cleaning service agency. Some companies pay their staff good wages so they don’t have to rely on tips. But others might rely on these extras. Get in touch with the agency so you’ll have a better idea on how to proceed.

• Tipping culture varies. People who live in big cities tend to tip more so your cleaner might have certain expectations. It also makes sense to give more to someone who has been working with you for a long time. After all, they’ve been cleaning up for you for years.

• Tip only what you can afford. While giving the standard tip is ideal, you’re not obligated to do it.

• Thank them sincerely. This is not an easy job, so a little smile or a sincere note thanking your cleaner for their service will show how much you value them.

leaving a tip house cleaner

Bottom Line

You are not required or expected to give a tip to your house cleaner, regardless of whether they’re freelancers or from a cleaning agency. However, it’s always good to show someone who did a good job your appreciation.

Tipping 15 to 20% of the total service is acceptable, although you should also consider the situation and the service you received. You can give a tip every time someone comes to your home to clean or just once a month. One large tip towards the end of the year is also a great idea, especially as the extra money can help with the holiday season.

At Long Island Maids House Cleaning Services we do not require tipping, nor do our professionals expect it. However, it’s always a nice gesture to leave them something if you feel they did an excellent job! You can always leave a tip when you book your cleaning service online!

Do you tip your house cleaner? The answer ultimately rests on you. But it’s always nice to recognize good work, especially for someone in the service industry.


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