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Apartmnet Cleaning Checklist

Overall Cleaning

  • Dust and wipe all surfaces, including walls and baseboards.
  • Vacuum and mop all floors.
  • Clean and sanitize light switches and doorknobs.
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners.
  • Dust and clean window sills and ledges.
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize all trash cans.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Clean and disinfect countertops.
  • Clean and shine sink and faucet.
  • Clean exterior of all appliances (oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave).
  • Wipe down and disinfect all kitchen surfaces.
  • Clean and degrease stove and range hood.
  • Clean and sanitize the garbage disposal.

Bathrooms Cleaning

  • Scrub and disinfect toilet, including behind and around.
  • Clean and sanitize the bathtub and/or shower.
  • Clean and disinfect the sink and faucet.
  • Wipe down and disinfect all bathroom surfaces.
  • Clean mirrors and glass.
  • Clean and shine any chrome fixtures.
  • Clean and sanitize all tile and grout.

Bedrooms and Living Areas Cleaning

  • Vacuum and mop floors in bedrooms and living areas.
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize light switches and doorknobs.
  • Remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings and corners.
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize all trash cans.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Clean and sweep entryways and outdoor areas.
  • Remove any debris or trash from the property.

Additional Services (Add-Ons)

  • Interior oven cleaning.
  • Interior fridge cleaning.
  • Interior cabinet cleaning.
  • Interior window cleaning.
  • Basement Cleaning.
  • Deck, Patio, Garage cleaning
  • Laundry.
  • Linen chaning.

Final Walkthrough

  • Conduct a final walkthrough to ensure all areas have been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Address any specific client requests or concerns.
  • Leave your home fresh and rejuvinted.

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Discover the difference with Long Island Maids, your trusted partner for diverse apartment cleaning needs in Long Island. From regular maintenance to deep cleaning, we ensure your living space is not just spotlessly clean but also a sanctuary of comfort.

Diverse Cleaning Services for Every Need

Regular Apartment Cleaning for Ongoing Freshness

Keep your home consistently clean with our regular apartment cleaning service. Perfect for busy lifestyles, this service includes routine dusting, vacuuming, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning, maintaining a fresh and tidy space at all times.

Thorough Apartment Deep Cleaning for Every Nook and Cranny

Our apartment deep cleaning service is designed to tackle areas that need extra attention. This comprehensive service goes beyond the surface, covering hard-to-reach places, thorough scrubbing of bathrooms and kitchens, and detailed cleaning of all living spaces.

Move-In/Out Apartmnet Cleaning

Whether you're moving into a new apartment or preparing to leave one, our move-in/out cleaning service ensures a spotless space. This thorough cleaning covers every aspect of the apartment, making the transition easier and more pleasant.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices with EPA-Approved Products

At Long Island Maids, we're committed to eco-friendly cleaning practices. Using only EPA-approved products, we ensure a safe, non-toxic environment for you, your family, and pets, without compromising on cleaning quality.

Choose Long Island Maids for Reliable, Quality Apartment Cleaning

Opt for Long Island Maids for a blend of reliability, efficiency, and high-quality service. Our experienced cleaners, known for their punctuality and meticulous attention to detail, provide exceptional cleaning matched with outstanding customer service.

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Book your preferred apartment cleaning service with ease using our simple online system. Select a service, choose a date and time, and let us handle the rest, ensuring a stress-free cleaning experience.

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Become a part of our satisfied customer base in Long Island. With a commitment to excellence, Long Island Maids is a leading choice for apartment cleaning. Experience our professional services and enjoy a cleaner, healthier living space.

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At Long Island Maids, we offer a diverse range of apartment cleaning services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our services include:

  1. Standard Cleaning: Ideal for regular maintenance, this service covers the essentials of apartment cleaning. It typically includes dusting, vacuuming, bathroom sanitation, kitchen cleaning, and tidying up living areas.

  2. Deep Cleaning: Recommended for first-time customers or apartments that haven’t been cleaned in a while, deep cleaning involves a more thorough and detailed approach. It reaches deep into corners and includes tasks such as cleaning inside appliances, under furniture, and detailed scrubbing of all surfaces.

  3. Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Tailored for tenants transitioning in or out of an apartment, this service ensures that the space is spotless and ready for its next occupant. It includes comprehensive cleaning of the entire apartment, focusing on areas often overlooked during regular cleaning.

  4. Seasonal Cleaning: To address the changing needs with the seasons, our seasonal cleaning services provide a refreshing touch to your apartment, focusing on areas affected by seasonal changes.

Your safety and security are our top priorities. All our cleaning professionals are thoroughly vetted and trained. We conduct background checks to ensure trustworthiness and reliability. Additionally, our team is trained to handle your belongings with utmost care and respect.

Booking our apartment cleaning service is easy and convenient. You can schedule a cleaning session through our online booking system or by contacting us directly. We offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle.

es, you can! We understand that every apartment and individual has unique cleaning needs. We offer customizable cleaning plans where you can choose specific services that match your requirements.

Our standard apartment cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and general tidying up. We ensure that every part of your apartment receives the attention it deserves.

The frequency of cleaning depends on various factors like the size of your apartment, number of occupants, and your lifestyle. We generally recommend a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule, but we can also accommodate more or less frequent cleanings based on your preferences.

Yes, we do. At Long Island Maids, customer satisfaction is paramount. If you’re not completely satisfied with our cleaning service, please let us know within 24 hours, and we’ll make it right at no extra cost.

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