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I cannot rate this company highly enough. Their prices are a little higher than your typical house cleaning service, but the service unlike any other services we have used on the island. - Mike from Garden City, N.Y

Exceptional cleaning at reasonable prices
Make your life easier with our conveniently streamlined pricing structure.
We’ve boiled our cleaning services down to two simple options: Pay by the hour or choose a flat-rate service.

Flat Rate

A fixed price service covering all the general cleaning in your home. We follow our detailed checklist and only finish when everything is done. A number of one-off extras are also available. If your home is more than 3500SQFT or exceeds 6+ bedrooms, extra charge may be added

Perfect if:

You want your whole house cleaned (note: our ‘Fair Go’ policy

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You pay less the more often we clean

Loyalty has its rewards – we offer great discounts for regular clients.

Book a regular cleaning service and we’ll also assign you a dedicated team – that’s consistently exceptional, hassle-free cleaning from someone you trust. Guaranteed.


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1 Bedroom


Starting at

2 Bedrooms


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3 Bedrooms


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4 Bedrooms


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5 Bedrooms


Starting at

6 Bedrooms


Here's what's included

The perfect service to get the whole house cleaned. Prices listed are starting prices and fluctuate depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home as well of any extras you add on. Homes with 5 Bedrooms or more, please use our hourly service. If your home exceeds 2300SQFT, select the "Over 2300SQFT" option on the booking page. We use MLS/Realtor to cross reference square footage. We will complete all general cleaning as per our checklists below. There are additional services and pricing displayed below the list of what is included in our full house service. Please select a “Deep Clean” if your home has not been cleaned thoroughly in over 3 months.
Please note: We follow a “Fair Go” policy with all our flat-rate services. Click here for more information.

Notice: Disinfectant Products now available. Click here for more information.

All Areas Standard Deep Clean Move Out/In
All Areas Standard Deep Clean Move Out/In
Light Tidy Up

Extensive Tidy Up (Max 30 mins)

Cobweb Removal

Empty Bins

Dust Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors

Wipe Skirting Boards/Window Sills/Doors

Dust/Clean Doors

Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points

Dust All Reachable Surfaces

Dust/Clean Mirrors

Air Freshen/Deodorise (optional)

Vacuum/Clean soft furnishing

Vacuum Accessible Areas Under Beds/Couches/Furniture


Clean Ceilings

Lightly Dust Blinds

Vacuum/Wipe visible window tracks/sills

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

Vacuum/Mop All Accessible Floors

Scrub/Clean Bath

Scrub/Clean Shower

Scrub/Clean Sinks

Wipe Down Benches

Clean Mirrors

Clean/Polish Tapware and Chrome

Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior)

Empty Bins

Clean/Disinfect Toilet

Scrub Wall Tiles/Grout

Clean Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

Clean Stovetop

Clean Rangehood (exterior)

Clean Underside of Rangehood

Clean Exhaust Fans/Filters

Clean/Wipe All Bench tops

Clean Visible Appliances (exterior)

Clean Splash back

Clean/Polish Tapware

Scub/Clean Sink

Clean Inside/Outside Microwave

Clean Cupboards (exterior)

Polish Stainless Steel Surfaces

Dust All Surfaces

Remove Food and Wipe Inside Dishwasher

Inside Oven

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

Bedrooms/Living Areas
Make Beds

Dust/Wipe All Surfaces

Inside All Drawers/Cabinets

Additional Services Price
Deep Clean $97-$127
Move Out / End of Lease $97-$197
Inside Oven $45
Inside Fridge $45
Inside Drawers/Cabinets $7/cabinet
Balcony $25
Green Supplies (Not currently offered) ---
Inside Windows $8/window
Laundry $30/load
Bed Changing $10/bed
Ironing $25/30 mins
Wall Cleaning $35 per wall
Steam Cleaning (Currently not offered) ---
Dish Washing $29
Wet Wiping Blinds $30/blind

Our Fair Go Policy

Our flat-rate services are results-based cleans. Unlike our hourly rate services, they’re not dependent on time limits. We’ll keep working down the checklist of tasks corresponding to the service you’ve booked (plus any extras you’ve selected) until everything’s been cleaned to our (very high) standards.

We do give our cleaning teams estimates of how long we think the job should take so they can plan their day. These are just guidelines – we let your teamwork harder (and faster) if they’re able.

On the rare occasions our estimates prove incorrect, our Fair Go policy comes into effect. We’ll clean up to 1 hour longer than our estimated time, but if your place needs more time and work to get through our entire checklist to our satisfaction, extra charges may apply. We’ll always get in touch with you to confirm any extra charges before proceeding.