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  • All cleaners are vaccinated, bonded & insured
  • Rigorous training program
  • EPA Approved Cleaning Products
  • HEPA Vacuums

Why Choose Long Island Maids?

Long Island Maids has been providing Massapequa a customer-centric, high quailty house cleaning service to all of Massapequa with highly rated customer feedback.

Long Island Maids was started to remove the hassle of finding, booking, and paying a professional cleaner or a cleaning company. At Long Island Maids, we believe that having a clean home leads to a fuller, healthier and more productive life.

While cleaning services have always been viewed as a luxury service for wealthy individuals, we went ahead to make cleaning services available to a broader audience.

By creating an easy way to match homeowners with a trusted, professional service at affordable rates, we’re taking the first step toward our mission of providing cleaning services to everyone in Massapequa

Long Island Maids success in the house cleaning industry is no fluke. Unlike other house cleaning services serving Massapequa and its surrounding areas, Long Island Maids boasts a uniquely covetable reputation. Our customers rate their cleaning services as the best cleaning services they have had compared to other local companies or independent cleaners.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we now use EPA certified cleaning products. So, while we clean we also disinfect.

Lastly, Long Island Maids cares about or workers’ health and wellbeing. We provide our professionals with personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, hand sanitzer, and personal thermometers. We require our cleaners to take their temperatures daily and to request off immediately if they are feeling unwell.

- All Cleaners are Vaccinated
- All Cleaners are Bonded & Insured
- All Cleanings are insured up to $1,000,000
- Bring and use EPA approved products
- Bring all supplies & equipment

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We clean with happiness

We rigorously execute on our checklists. Our cleaners are trained to uphold the Long Island Maids quality. We use EPA certified cleaning supplies, all inclusive in your price!

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Massapequa House Cleaning Service
We offer one off and regular services. For regular services we offer some great discounts to reward you for your loyalty. If you book a regular cleaning service, we will assign a housekeeper/cleaner to your service and we will always send the same cleaner. No hassle, just consistent, exceptional cleaning from somebody you can trust.

Flat Rate

A fixed price service covering all the general cleaning in your home. We follow our detailed checklist and only finish when everything is done. A number of extras are also available. We offer three types of flat rate services. Standard cleaning, Deep cleaning, & Move in/out cleaning. If your home exceeds 6+ bedrooms, please get in contact with us for a custom quote

Perfect if:

You want your whole house cleaned (note: our ‘Fair Go’ policy

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Hourly Rate

A time based service where we work on the clock. We can either follow a list of priorities or use our initiative. Minimum time is 3 hours & a team of two professionals. We will generally prioritize detail over rushing. We do not send single professionals to any of our services.

Perfect if:

You want specific areas cleaned or just a couple of hours of cleaning here and there. For example, you only want 2 of 3 bathrooms cleaned and just the living room.

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Massapequa Maid Service

If you’re ready to spend less time cleaning and more time living, let Long Island Maids help! Long Island Maids is the premier cleaning company in Massapequa, offering top-quality cleaning services at prices that are more than affordable to keep your home, summer home, or estate tidy.

From Nassau County to the Montauk, we are proud to serve the hard-working residents of this famous, beautiful town that we call Massapequa. Compromised of some of the most famous zip codes, we take our cleaning services in Massapequa seriously. Since Massapequa is known around the world as some of the most reputable real estate available to the groundbreaking innovators in the greater New York City region, we hold our company to this same kind of standard.

If you’re a resident of Massapequa, you know that people here mean serious business. We proudly service some of the most reputable individuals in the world with comprehensive, front-to-back cleaning services.

No matter the set up of your home or property, we tackle everything from laundry rooms to bedrooms. From 1bed 1bath houses, to some of the biggest estates in Massapequa.

Our team is comprised of rigorously trained cleaning professionals that had to undergo a serious training process, covering every aspect of cleaning today. Specializing in unique areas and cleaning methods, our team is equipped to cover any kind of cleaning requirement for the beautiful place we call home, Massapequa.

We save you time and money while guaranteeing the best quality Massapequa cleaning services in the game today. Don’t settle for mediocre presentation when it comes to your little slice of heaven. Give your property the facelift it deserves through us here at Long Island Maids.

Don’t believe us? Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Our clients all over Massapequa have told us time and time again how happy they are with Long Island Maid’s cleaning services and our repeat customer base is a testament that we must be doing something right!

Services offered for Massapequa: Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Hourly Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning

Voted Best House Cleaning Service: We have been voted the best house cleaning service in Massapequa season after season!

Fair Go Policy

Our flat-rate services are results-based cleans and do not depend on time limits like our hourly rates. We will perform the checklist of tasks that corresponds to the service you have booked + any extras selected, until all items have been cleaned to our (very high!) standards.

Because these are results-based cleans, we do not set fixed time limits on the services. We do however give our cleaning teams estimates to assist with the planning of services. These estimates are just guidelines and we allow the teams to work at harder (and faster) intensities if they are able.

Our Fair Go policy states that on the rare occasions that our estimates are incorrect, we will clean for up to 25% longer than the given estimated time, however, if a property requires more time and work than that, extra charges may apply. We will always get in touch with you prior to making any changes to your service and confirm any extra charges before proceeding.

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