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We think it's safe to say, that everyone knows that moving from one place to another is stressful which is why we have created our specialized Move-Out/In service to take as much of the hassle out of the process for you.

Honestly, the last thing my husband and I wanted to do after moving into our new home was to clean it. I can't thank Long Island Maids and their team enough! - Smithtown, NY

Your Move In/Out Cleaning Services Include

The Move Out/In extra includes one interior oven and one interior stove + all interior cabinets/drawers of one Kitchen. If your home has more than one Kitchen, please let us know.

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100% Bond Back Guarantee

Our Move-Out cleans come with a 100% Satisfaction Back guarantee. On the rare occasion you find your move in/out cleaning to be unacceptable, we will be back and normally within 24 hours! We just ask to be notified within 7 days.

Honest Pricing

We price our services accurately and honestly, rarely needing to request any changes. Be wary of "Cheap Move Out Cleans" from companies who will arrive at your property and instantly request to increase the price by 50-200%

We Take Care Of Everything

After you book with us, all we need is to know is how we will access the property and we will take it from there. We can pick up keys and manage all property manager communication professionally so you don't have to!

We are rated the best Long Island & The Hamptons

Still unsure? Check out our reputation across the internet. On Google we have over 160 reviews and the highest rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. We also top the list on other review sites, or just ask your neighbor!

New Home Cleaning Service

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. Whether you've bought the home or are renting it, you want to feel comfortable while you're living there. Sure, the house may look good when you first check it out, but there is a good chance that it hasn't had a deep cleaning in a while. If you want your home clean and disinfected, allow our highly skilled cleaners to visit your property and take on the cleaning tasks that you don't have time for because of your hectic, busy schedule.

We can carefully inspect the new home for signs of dirt and dust in common and uncommon places, such as the staircases, windows and window ledges, crevices, and more. Then, we'll take the time to carefully dust the home, wash windows, disinfect surfaces, and even deep clean different rooms at your requests, such as the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

Who has the time or energy to clean their home after moving into it? Most people don't. If you don't want to spend hours scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, and more, hire us to do the job for you! Not only do our services leave your new home in pristine condition, but they'll save you time and energy so that you can focus on more critical tasks, such as unpacking your belongings and furnishing the new place. It won't be long before you have the new place feeling like home!

Why You Should Book a Move-In Cleaning

Booking a move-in cleaning is a fantastic way to get a fresh start in your new home. It becomes that much easier for you to maintain the home's cleanliness when you're moving into a spotless property free of unwanted dirt, dust, and stains! In addition, it's more important than ever before to have your home carefully and thoroughly disinfected. In the post-pandemic world, you can never be too careful! We want to make sure you're moving into a clean and sanitary property that isn't full of dirt and germs. The effort our team members put into everything they touch goes unmatched. Our goal is to surpass your expectations while providing a new level of cleanliness!

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What’s Included In a Move-Out/In Clean

We’ve made our services as simple and easy as possible. We’ve adapted our Move Out/In service over time so it generally includes all items required by property managers, your Landlord or if you’re moving out or into a new home. This move in & out service includes everything from our “Top to Bottom Deluxe” service PLUS all Windows, all interior cabinets, all walls spot cleaned (reachable with a 2 step ladder), (1)interior oven and (1) interior fridge & much more

Aside from the optional extras, our move in/out cleaning includes areas such as: behind/under previously permanent furniture (e.g. fridge cavities), high/low skirting boards, ceiling fans throughout home, grout in all showers (we do not do floors/walls), rangehood filters, even inside the dishwasher!

Please note that with our move out/in cleans we will spot clean 2-3 major scuff marks per wall only. If you have walls that require full cleaning, this will need to be added as an extra.

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Move In - Move Out Cleaning Services

Whether you're planning to move into a new home or out of an old one, making sure the property is spotless is a must. If there's one thing we take pride in, it's getting your home cleaned and ready for your arrival into your new home. When it comes to choosing a move in & move out cleaning service, Long Island Maids, your five-star cleaning company provides convenient cleaning services that our clients can depend on when they want to eliminate dirt and dust! In addition, we can save you time and energy while handling specific tasks that you might not want to complete or don't have time to do by yourself.
Moving out of a home requires a lot of work. Not only are you going through all your belongings, but you're also organizing items into boxes and backs, loading them on the moving truck, and transporting them to your new place. With such a hefty workload, the last thing you probably feel like doing is cleaning after the mess.
If you're selling the home or if you need it in excellent condition to get your security deposit back from the landlord, we've got you covered. We provide cleaning services that can eliminate your stress and help you focus more on other essential tasks, such as packing your belongings and figuring out what you're taking with you to your new place. Our move in & out cleaning services are our most thorough cleaning services. We offer these services to all of our clients including move in & out cleaning services Long Island, move in & out cleaning services Long Island City, move in & out cleaning services Hamptons

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Our Guarantee

All Move-in cleans with Long Island Maids come with a 100% bond-back guarantee as standard. What this means is that if on the rare occasion your not happy, we will come back completely free of charge and attend to all the issues.

We will also deal directly with your agent so that you do not need to worry about the situation at all.

Please note – if you have an unfurnished lease, we require your home to be emptied of all furniture and belongings prior to the cleaning service. If you home is still furnished when we come for your end of lease clean, your bond back guarantee may be voided. This is because the process of removing furniture can displace dust/dirt in the house as well as the fact that any furniture left in the home can impede the clean itself.

If your rental property has a furnished lease this adds an extra layer of complexity to your end-of-lease service and there is a chance our team will contact you on the day of the service if more time/work is needed than our average flat rates.

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Before and Afters...

A particularly neglected stove was no match for our cleaning legends, Aurelie and Jonathon!

A lot of people would think a shower like this was beyond repair. Not Elif and Erkan who had it looking almost as good as new!

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