Cleaning Secrets: Why Should My House Be Cleaned Regularly?

If you put it to a vote, 9 out of 10 people will admit that they care about cleanliness in the home. That leaves a minority of people who don’t really know or understand the importance of a clean home. Perhaps, they would prefer a clean and tidy house but haven’t enlisted the help of a professional maid service, nor do they have the time to take care of household cleaning. Well, regardless of your reason, we are here to tell you why it’s important to maintain cleanliness in the home. Read on!

1. Good Hygiene

Many areas in your home can become unsanitary, and quickly! Bathrooms and kitchens are the most common places that are prone to bacteria if not cleaned regularly. In order to maintain good hygiene (and good health), it all begins with a sanitized living space. Sinks, floors and other surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that you and your family aren’t living in an unhygienic home.

2. Reduces Stress

Not only can a clean home reduce stress, it can also be a stress buster for many. It’s undeniable; when you walk in to a home that is neat and clean, you instantly feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. A dirty home, on the other hand, causes mental stress that you’ve probably been dealing all day at the office. When it comes to our house, we all want to genuinely feel like there’s no place like home; well, keeping it clean plays a major role in that!

3. Avoid Allergic Reactions

For asthmatics and those who suffer from dust allergies, cleaning is of utmost importance! It’s virtually impossible to keep dust out of your house; hence, cleaning regularly is the only solution. Dust left on your floors and furniture is enough to cause allergies to flare up. Some of us try to avoid touching dusty furniture without realizing that being around dust is just as bad! Remove dust from your home regularly and observe the positive impact it has on your health.

4. Allows You to Entertain

You may enjoy hosting dinner parties but refrain from doing so because your house is in a mess! What’s worse is when you have surprise visitors at your door and are forced to welcome them into a house that hasn’t been cleaned in days. Yes, this can leave you and your family rather red-faced. Entertaining guests, on the other hand, means having to clean the entire house which can be a turn off if you haven’t done this in a while. Hence, a clean and tidy home motivates you to call friends over and show everyone a good time!

5. Helps Develop Good Habits

Cleaning on a daily basis or regularly can help you develop more good habits at home. If you’ve become accustomed to leaving clothes lying around and not wiping spills and dust from your furniture, chances are that you ignore bigger household chores that are crying out for attention! Daily cleaning instills good habits in you while setting an example for other household members to pick up after themselves. It can also lead to the development of other good habits in your day to day life outside the home.

Now, for busy people, keeping your home clean regularly may pose a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are professional cleaning services you can call when you feel you have too much on your plate.

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Home Dusting Tips That are Quick, Easy and Effective!

When it comes to household cleaning, dusting is the one chore that requires to be done more often than the others. You can vacuum or mop your floors and relax knowing it’ll stay clean for a day or two; after wiping your furniture, however, it can easily become dusty again by the end of the day!

It’s rather frustrating to see dust settle on surfaces that have already been cleaned on the same day, that’s why we’re going to give you these amazing tips that not only make dusting easy and quick, but do a great job at keeping dust at bay for a day!

1. Microfiber Cloths all the Way!

Do away with your normal dust rags and average feather dusters because none of them can pick up dust easier and more effectively than a microfiber cloth! Owing to its electrostatic charge, one swipe is enough to get dust clinging to it without having to go over the same spot again. Moreover, unlike regular dust cloths, a microfiber cloth won’t transfer dust back on to a surface until it becomes too soiled. Apart from wiping shelves and other furniture, we advise using microfiber cloths for dusting your lamps and other wall-mounted fixtures.

2. Wipe Curios with Gloves

Whether you choose rubber, fabric or special dusting gloves, cleaning curios is much easier with gloves on as opposed to using a cloth. You can hold small objects properly and clean intricate curios thoroughly without the struggle of pinching or folding a cloth to wipe. What’s more, the chances of an object slipping from your hand are far lesser with gloves on as compared to when you’ve got a cloth in your hand.

3. A Sock + Long-Handled Broom to Clean Corners

Cleaning corners (especially ceiling corners), door frames and hard-to-reach places are always a frustrating task. You can see the dirt, yet can’t get it out. Try this; take an old sock (or dust cloth) and place it over the handle of your broom, using a rubber band or string to keep it firmly in place. Pull some of the material up away from the tip of the broom handle and push it into corners to clean. This cleans hard-to-reach places more effectively than a vacuum cleaner or broom. Even your door frames can be dusted quickly using the sock + broom handle method!

4. Fabric Softener Sheets for Screens

As long as screens are on, they look clean; the moment you turn them off, that’s when you notice the dust and marks on it. You’ve probably been using a normal dust cloth to wipe your television and computer screens which has never been able to keep the dust off for more than two minutes! Well, from now on, wipe them with a used (dry) fabric softener sheet and you won’t see dust on your screens for days on end! This is because the sheets help reduce static electricity which, in turn, keeps dust from clinging to the screen.

Whether you are adept at cleaning or not, use these professional cleaning secrets to make dusting an easier process for you to do.